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The best wines is the ones we drink with friends...


Where wine make by the Friends – For the friends.

Our friendship has been going already 54 years, from first class of the school, since 1969.

A dream to have our own winery, we had a long time ago, but we started to fulfill our dream in 2019 after pandemic was started. Wine Trails Winery located in KAKHETI wine region, Village IKALTO, Alazani valley. Total capacity of the Qvevri wine is 5 ton. Winery has 8 Qvevri (clay jug), biggest one 1,5 ton; smallest one - 150 litter. Total capacity of the stainless tanks is 5,5 ton. Winery as well has 4 stainless tanks, each 1 ton and one tank 1.5 ton
  • A moderately humid subtropical climate prevails.
  • Hot summers and moderately cold winters. It is quite well protected from the west and north. Here, air masses flow freely only from the southeast, which has a positive effect on the air characteristics of this region.
  • The average annual temperature is 11-13 °C, The temperature of the warmest month is 21-25 °C. The absolute maximum reaches 40 °C.
  • The sum of temperatures over 10 °C during the vegetation period is 3500-4200 °C.
  • The average temperature in January is 0-1 °C. Although there are some years when the temperature drops below 0 °C. The absolute minimum is -25-27 °C.
  • In most parts of the territory, 800-1300 mm of precipitation falls per year. The ratio of humidity is more than 1.
  • A stable snowpack does not always appear, when it does, its average height does not exceed 5-15 cm, the maximum reaches 75 cm. There are 30-60 lightning storms, 2-3 hail days a year. This region is distinguished from other regions of Georgia not by the frequency of hail days, but by the size of hailstones and the damage caused.

Preparing for the harvest

The health and quality of the wine depends on the correct and high-quality performance of the preparatory work before the start of the harvest. Preparation for harvesting
  •  It is necessary to clean the winery and all the equipment used in the winery and carry out high-quality disinfection. which must be repeated at least once a week after the harvest until winter. Today, we have disinfectant like ozone, which provides high-quality disinfection and disappears without a trace after an hour.
  • Among them one of the main tasks is to clean the vessels for fermenting grape juice and vessels for storing wine.
  • Check the purity of the pitcher as follows: the last washed water should be clear reddish color or transparent. It should not have any smell. The washed water should taste like normal water, the white cloth on the wall should not change color.