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Dear friends There are many wonderful countries in the world, where you can discover many interesting sights. However, if you are looking for a breathtaking place with fascinating history, culture, traditions, unique food and wine, and most importantly, the charming, gracious and hospitable people, you ever meet - you should find your way to Georgia, a country where, after arriving once, you will want to return again and again. Day tours and excursion in Georgia and Caucasus.


Because -

* Georgia is a dream country, with a rich history, ancient traditions and distinctive culture.The people are very kind and warm-hearted, and Georgian dishes and wines have no analogues in the world.Georgian culture dates back thousands of years, it is exotic, mysterious, incredibly diverse and rich.

* This is reflected in dynamic traditional dances, polyphonic folk songs, in architecture, literature, science, philosophy, art and in everyday life, where it is clearly expressed in the feast called "Supra", where a variety of dishes and wines are presented. Such an event is accompanied by traditional dancing, choral singing and interesting conversations.

* Georgia is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. According to archaeological and ethnographic findings, the fertile valleys and protective slopes of the Transcaucasia were home to grapevine cultivation and  wine production  for at least 8000 years.   It is scientifically proven that Georgia is a country where the wild vine was “domesticated.” The vine was distributed from here to many countries of the world.  Out of 4,000 grape varieties existing in the world, 525 are of Georgian origin. Georgian villages are home to unique grape varieties that you will not see anywhere else on earth.

The oldest Georgian method of wine-making in “Kvevri” (an earthenware vessel for win fermentation) is still used in the production of Georgian wine and is included in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. No one and nothing can tell you more about a country than its traditional cuisine.

Because  Georgia  is  located  at  a  strategic  crossroads  between  East and West, its cuisine reflects close ties to cuisines from neighboring countries that use world-renowned ingredients.  Mixing these in desired proportions and adding local spices gives Georgian dishes a unique taste and aroma. The corresponding flora, fauna and climatic conditions in different  regions  of the country, determined the diversity of our national cuisine, which you will immediately notice when traveling through Georgia. Let yourself enjoy the tastes, aromas and stories of "Her Majesty Georgian cuisine", which has fascinated many people for centuries and to this day. In the same season of the year you can sunbathe on the sea beach or go skiing, hike and climb the Caucasus Mountains, visit early Christian churches, rock-cut cities and historical monuments, places where the first man in Europe lived, wine regions, wineries , a zone of eternal glaciers or arid steppes, mountains and mountain lakes, beautiful ancient forests, subtropical sandy beaches, alpine meadows, wild and dull plateaus, fertile valleys...

The list is almost endless…


Professional experience and friendly approach gave us the opportunity to unite a professionals in tourism agency "Wine Trails". Our trips offers safe way to discover the world that so many travelers unknown. We can take you to the places that most of peoples see only in their dreams. All our tours are prepared in a design for pleasure to our visitors that our guests. Felt themselves at ease and conveniently during traveling in Georgia. Give you chance to reveal all aspects of country, the great sites, historic monuments, natural beauty and wildlife. Most importantly, that you'll have opportunity to meet the local people and see their unique traditions, hospitality, and dynamic dancing and listen polyphonic songs from first hand. You can choose from diversity of tours. cultural, wine, gourmet, ski, pilgrim, hiking, climbing, rafting, adventure, bicycles, mountaineering, silk road etc Itineraries, they can be changed according to your request. We are ready to help you together organize your holiday with a difference you won't forget, a country you will want to return to. The hospitality you want to experience again. And in our opinion, we together can prepared itinerary of your dreams, which must be more comfortable and more unforgettable for you. The comfortable types of hotels, guesthouses, vehicles. Professionally skilled tour-leaders, guides, drivers, create all condition for your recreation and entertainment. So, if you still believe in the world of myths, full with amazing histories, Adventures and discoveries, the traveling in Georgia is exactly for you.