Mtsvane 2019

 15.00  12.00

  • 2018
  • 0.750
  • Amber
  • 13,4 % 
  • Wine Trails
Categories: , Brand: Wine Trails


From Wine & Spirits Magazine: “This mtsvane, the most impressive Georgian wine we tasted for this issue, a rich, golden wine that continued to reveal new details over the course of a week without losing steam. What started as a plump, generous mouthful of spicy golden fruit became a trip into cool, stony fields filled with saline, herbal notes—notes that the tasters on our panel who’ve been to Georgia identified as wild capers and salted linden flowers. Even for those of us who have no idea what those things taste like, the wine is compellingly vivid, with a structure and complexity that’s universally appreciable.”



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