12 February, 2020

Shkmeruli Becoming Popular in Japan

Japanese News Portal “Yahoo News Japan” has recently published a post with the title “Shkmeruli is the best dish ever but how can we deal with garlic breath? “This winter the most popular dish in Japan is Shkmeruli. Last year the dish was spread by a restaurant Matsuya and after that, the boom in Japan began. They say that this dish, with its garlic, cheese, and chicken is the tastiest in the world but gourmets are concerned about one issue: “can I get rid of garlic breath? The specialists say that one should eat Shkmeruli in moderation but this advice is often forgotten.”

Before writing about how Shkmeruli’s popularity in Japan, the author first introduces the reader with Georgia.

“Georgia is one of the states of South Caucasus bordering Russia and Turkey. The Japanese may not know that Georgia is the most ancient wine-producing country in the world. There is also a magnificent and mysterious Christian temple called Tsminda Sameba, which gives you a feeling as though it is floating in the air.”

Last year in December, the company Matsuya created a menu list called “The Guide to the World from Matsuya” (In connection with Olympic Games 2020), where they included Georgian Shkmeruli. This fact has caused a great resonance. There was a photo published on Twitter, depicting staff at the Embassy of Georgia in Tokyo eating Shkmeruli.


From January 14 the dish was included in the menu of all major restaurants in Japan.

Georgian newspaper Kvirispalitra talked to the representative of the company Matsuya. As it turned out, the dish goes very well with Japanese rice and with other products, such as sweet potatoes.

As for dealing with garlic breath, the Japanese author offers various methods starting from the hygienic products, ending with a regular shower.

“The one who is a gourmet and is already in love with Skmeruli, it’s better to postpone all the important meetings ar work. What kind of meetings compare to Shkmeruli?”- the Japanese article ends with humor.