Exclusive Wines From Small Wineries

No one and nothing can tell you more about the country’s culture than its traditional cuisine, wine and feast. And Georgian food and wine are some of the best in the world. Georgian cuisine is an abundance of unique tastes, delicate aromas. Georgia is one of the main centers of the emergence of the vine and the birthplace of cultural viticulture. It is scientifically confirmed that Georgia is a country where the wild vine has been “domesticated”. The vine was distributed from here to many European countries.
The history of the continuous tradition of wine making in Georgia has more than 8,000 years.
Of the 4,000 grape varieties existing in the world, 525 are of Georgian origin, and 30 of them are used for winemaking. There are many facts indicating that the name of the wine itself is of Georgian origin “GVINO” (“wine”, “vine”, “vine” …) and has spread all over the world in all languages.
Wine and grapes are part of the Georgian heritage, including architecture, poetry, songs related to holidays, rituals and, most importantly, religion. In Georgia, Christianity was adopted along with the grapvine. When St. Nino came to spread Christianity in Georgia, made a cross of grape stalks and tied them with her hair.
Most churches are decorated with grape ornaments. The vine in Georgia is of great importance. It is a symbol of rebirth, wealth and abundance; Here viticulture was equally developed in all social strata.
The Georgian named October “Gvinobistve” (the month of wine). It should be noted that in recent years, at many international exhibitions, Georgian wine, including that produced in Kvevri, was highly appreciated by specialists in this field and received many top awards.
In 2018, Georgia sent wines to 53 countries of the world.