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About Us

Dear friends In the world is a lot of wonderful countries, where you can find many interesting sights. But, if you are looking for a place of great beauty with a fascinating history and gracious, welcoming people. You need to find your way to Georgia. To the country with full of contrasts, where EAST meets with WEST.

Day tours and excursion in Georgia and Caucasus.


Because, Georgia is a dreamland with rich history, ancient traditions and original culture. The people are very kind, warm-hearted and make visitors very welcome. Last not least, Georgian food is most delicious. Those who love wine will also find quality they have not tasted before. The Georgian people consider Georgia as homeland of wine. Wine's name itself is of Georgians origin "GVINO". Silks from India, silver from china, spices from Ceylon, delicate jewelers and precious stones from Persia passed through this country. In the same season of the year you may bask in the sun on a sea beach or ski, walking and climbing in the Caucasian Mountains, visiting early Christian Churches, wine-growing areas, wineries visit the zone of eternal glaciers or the arid steppes… You can read and hear more, about this amazing country but it is not enough. You should discover Georgia yourself - with it's ancient history, culture, unique traditions, ancient cities, fortresses, monasteries and of course with the people which are famous for their hospitality, with excellent wines and delicious kitchen.


Professional experience and friendly approach gave us the opportunity to unite a professionals in tourism agency “Wine Trails”. Our trips offers safe way to discover the world that so many travelers unknown. We can take you to the places that most of peoples see only in their dreams. All our tours are prepared in a design for pleasure to our visitors that our guests. Felt themselves at ease and conveniently during traveling in Georgia. Give you chance to reveal all aspects of country, the great sites, historic monuments, natural beauty and wildlife. Most importantly, that you'll have opportunity to meet the local people and see their unique traditions, hospitality, and dynamic dancing and listen polyphonic songs from first hand. You can choose from diversity of tours. cultural, wine, gourmet, ski, pilgrim, hiking, climbing, rafting, adventure, bicycles, mountaineering, silk road etc Itineraries, they can be changed according to your request. We are ready to help you together organize your holiday with a difference you won't forget, a country you will want to return to. The hospitality you want to experience again. And in our opinion, we together can prepared itinerary of your dreams, which must be more comfortable and more unforgettable for you. The comfortable types of hotels, guesthouses, vehicles. Professionally skilled tour-leaders, guides, drivers, create all condition for your recreation and entertainment. So, if you still believe in the world of myths, full with amazing histories, Adventures and discoveries, the traveling in Georgia is exactly for you.

Our team

Mikheil Memanishvili

Owner and Director

For me, tourism is a way to get acquainted with another culture, to feel new emotions. There are many beautiful countries in the world, but how to choose where to go? Travel is philosophy. I like to travel and I will be happy to help you feel this philosophy, to come to our beautiful country, to get acquainted with the beautiful traditions, history and culture of our hospitable people. Together with me try the traditional Georgian wine, which I really love, respect and prepare well.
What else can I say - I am an ordinary hospitable person, like all my friends, and I am always glad to welcome you to our country.
From 1993 to the present, how I am doing this interesting job, I met many excellent people, and I think that this will continue, and this hope is given to me by our friendly and professional team.
before the meeting, friends.


Zaza Makharadze

Tour Manager

I am a person who loves good wine and food, the history and culture of Georgia and is able to share these pleasures in an atmosphere of celebration and festivity.
My hobby is photography, travel, archaeological sites, etc.
I'm also a big fan of jazz music.
Since 1987, I worked as a guide, first in the museum David Gareji, and then around Georgia. Now I work at the State Art Museum in Tbilisi.
Professional experience gave me a chance to show my country for many guests.
Also, I am ready to help you too organize your vacation in Georgia, advice, recommendations, and if you wish to be accompanied you as a guide.



  • Trails of Georgia

    These top Georgia hiking trails explore waterfalls, mountain summits, deep canyons, wide rivers, rushing trout streams and historic sites.

  • Georgian Military Highway

    Day tour to Georgian Military Highway is an amazing trip to one of the most picturesque regions of Georgia known as Kazbegi region.

  • Vardzia

  • Dmanisi

    This wonderful easy day tour leads us to the Lower Kartli. Explore ancient history of Georgia, Extensive archaeological site of Dmanisi, where was discovered earliest hominid remains beyond Africa (1,8 million years ago), oldest extant three-nave basilica with the oldest inscriptions in Georgia etc

  • Harvest in Kakheti

    Harvesting is strictly related to weather conditions, and if weather conditions do not allow us to continue the regular collection of grapes, we will arrange for you an alternative solution to get the best from the day. Therefore, our route for this tour should be flexible, no fixed dates, just a promise of excellent wine tasting and delicious food combined with a trip to some of the most beautiful parts of Georgia at the time that suits you. Be part of an exciting wine day.

  • Georgian Wine Culture and Gastronomy Presentation Center

    Is an new ultra-premium winery specializing in famous indigenous Georgian grape varieties. It was founded in 2017 by "MM group" in a very center of Georgian wine growing zone in Ikalto.

  • Alaverdi Monastery Cellar

    Monastery Wine ” is a millennium brand of Alaverdi Monastery Cellar made by the Alaverdi Monastery congregate in the XIth century cellar. The wine is produced by endemic variety of Kakhetian vine in unique clay vessel – Qvevri. Alaverdi Royal Monastery is historically known by its qvevris and cellar.

  • Twins Wine Cellar

    Wine producing of ''Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli'' is based on the oldest Kakhetian method, such as producing wine in kvevri. It points to the uniqueness of this method and it is also a message for the whole world that wine is an integral part of ancient Georgian culture.

  • Schuchmann Wines Georgia

    Is an ultra-premium winery specializing in famous indigenous Georgian grape varieties. It was founded in 2008 by Schuchmann family in a very center of Georgian wine growing zone in Tsinandali.